The Big Guide to Vape Batteries

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We've spent some time scouring the Internet to find that many people are looking for clear and concise information on what batteries are best for their vaping device. Not only that, but people have experienced a myriad of different issues, ranging from short battery life to batteries that have mysteriously exploded.

We've had questions from customers via email, forums and in person about vape batteries, so we've compiled all of our collective knowledge on the subject to bring you a big guide to vape batteries!

If for whatever reason this guide does not answer your question, you can either leave a comment or drop us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

This guide will cover everything from beginner information about batteries to more advanced battery tips and information. Use the list of contents below to quickly navigate through the post itself to find what you are after!


  1. Types of Vape Batteries
  2. Battery Capacity vs. Battery Voltage
  3. Vape Battery Safety
  4. Why Batteries Explode
  5. Ways to Extend Battery Life
  6. Best 18650 Vape Batteries

Types of Vape Batteries

There are two main types of batteries within the electronic cigarette world. Automatic and manual. Now, I know what you might be thinking “What the hell is an automatic battery?”

This may be confusing, especially if you’re a new vaper and didn't know there even were different battery types!

There are some big and key differences between the two battery types and manual batteries tend to offer a completely different vaping experience to that of an automatic battery. To help you become a more informed vaper, we've put together a small explanation of the two.

Automatic Batteries

Automatic batteries are simply more popular in e-cigarettes than manual batteries. They operate under drag, which means that the battery only activates when you draw from your electronic cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette Automatic Battery

The reason that these types of batteries are more popular than manual batteries is purely down to casual vapers and people that are looking to quit smoking. These types of vapers tend to gravitate to an electronic cigarette that is very similar in looks and feel to a real cigarette in order to kick the habit. You also get people who are not into the enthusiast level of vaping and go for a cheap option to help them quit and these devices often have automatic batteries.

Automatic batteries also tend to have a lower power consumption, meaning you can use your device for a lot longer without charging.

Automatic batteries do have their downsides and weaknesses though.

Automatic batteries tend to be prone to eliquid leaks. This is often due to users overfilling their cartridges, which then leaks into the battery and ruins it. If you’re using prefilled cartridges, however – the chances of this happening are pretty slim.

Companies are becoming smarter and many have developed new systems to avoid cartridge leakage, but it is still a very real problem that many users face.

Another downfall of automatic batteries is that in order to get a good draw, the device generally requires a few primer puffs before you can get a good enough vape. This is because of the cheaper components used and the need for the automatic battery to heat up the element which vaporises the liquid.

Lastly, there have been some weird goings-on with these battery types. Reports from around the Internet have stated that their battery has depleted very quickly due to their device turning itself on without them knowing due to outside factors. Things like high winds and deep bass in clubs have caused the battery to power on and deplete its charge. We've never experienced this or heard of this apart from rumours online, so just another downfall worth mentioning if this one is true. If you’re ever experience this – we’d love to hear about it!

Manual Batteries

Manual batteries are button operated batteries, which means to produce vapour, you need to press a button whilst inhaling to draw from the e-cigarette.

Manual batteries are growing in popularity, especially within the enthusiast vaping community and people who are taking vaping more seriously.

Manual Batteries in eCigarettes

One of the big pros about manual batteries is the experience. These battery types offer a much more controlled vaping style, as you have to manually activate it by pressing down a button. You eliminate the need to primer your device, which is a huge downside for users who have devices with automatic batteries.

Next, manual batteries are eliquid proof, meaning that you do not need to worry about your battery becoming damaged due to a leak. If you’re using an advanced vaping technique such as dripping, these batteries are highly desirable because juice has a very real chance of missing the coil and dripping onto the rest of the device (if you are not careful of course)

Not everything about manual batteries is perfect, however – they do come with some downsides as well.

Manual batteries tend to run out of power at a faster rate than automatic batteries, but this is partly due to the kind of power that devices use. Some devices have variable power settings, so if you’re using a high setting, you are going to be using a lot more power than its lowest setting.

Also, due to the button press mechanism of such devices, you may also experience accidentally battery drainage due to something in your bag or pocket which would power the device and potentially cause damage to it if left on for extended periods of time. Luckily, most devices nowadays have timers that will automatically shut down the device after a certain period. Some devices also come with a 5 button press system, which will power off the battery when the button is pressed 5 times in a row.

Ultimately, the choice is down to you and what you prefer. Manual batteries are a lot more versatile than automatic batteries and often offer better performance to its end user, but if you’re looking for a simple setup just to get you started, then an automatic battery may be a better choice to begin with. Each battery type has its pros and cons and neither solution is perfect. It is important to carry out proper research before making a purchase so you know exactly what you’re getting and if it suits your own individual needs!

Battery Capacity vs. Battery Voltage

As someone who is looking to enhance their vaping experience, batteries are one of the most important elements of vaping, so it is important to understand battery capacity and voltage. These two key pieces of information can tell you a lot about the battery you are about to purchase and can provide you with insights into how long a battery will last per hour and how powerful it actually is.

Battery capacity and voltage can cause some confusion or doubt, so here is an explanation of the two to help you better understand the difference!

Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is measured in milliamp hours, or mAh. This means that the higher the mAh, the higher the capacity the battery has and the longer the battery will last without needing to charge it again. Important information for people who vape a lot!

Battery Capacity

mAh tells us how many milli amps we can draw from the battery for how many hours, for example:

Let’s say we have a battery with a mAh of 2,500mAh. Theoretically, you could draw 2,500mA from this in an hour, 1,250mA for 2 hours, or you could double up and draw 5A in 30 minutes.

As long as the Current x The number of hours always comes back to the mAh rating of the battery, you can use this as a rough guide to predict how long a battery will last you. Batteries are not perfect, so there may be a slight disparity in the real world, but this is a good way to get a good rough estimate of how long your battery can last between charges.

So if you’re trying to decide between a battery that has a mAh of 1,200 and another that has a mAh of 3,000 – you now know that the 3,000mAh battery should last you a lot longer!

Battery Voltage

Voltages are also a highly important part of vaping – people want volts. They don’t quite want to be Emperor Palpatine with Unlimited Power, but I’m sure they would if they could.

Emperor Palpatine Ultimate Power

Generally speaking, using a higher voltage means that more current is delivered to the coil, which in turn produces more vapour. Higher voltages also help to bring out more of the subtle flavours from juices, especially high end eliquids that have more delicate flavour profiles.

If you have a battery that has a higher voltage, your device will generally speaking, have less work to do. Actually getting a hold of voltage data can be difficult in most cases, as batteries need to be tested. Luckily, there is a wealth of information over at the subreddit /r/electronic_cigarette that can help you find out what you need.

You'll also find handy stuff like this chart!

Voltage Chart

Vape Battery Safety

Battery safety should be of a big concern to anyone who uses them. It is important to take care of not only your batteries, but yourself as well. The fact is, vaping technology is accelerating at an extremely fast rate, with more powerful devices almost coming to the market on a monthly basis. Users are now faced with choices like they have never seen before and the power keeps in creeping up higher and higher.

Safety First

Thankfully, these devices are designed to be safe and there are millions of people using these devices on a daily basis. Problems with these devices are in a low percentile, but they do occur. Accidents can range from house fires to exploding batteries and all kits have a potential danger inside of them. It is how you look after these devices and maintain them that will ensure none of this will happen to you. Minimize the risk.

It is important to have a basic understanding of ohms law, especially if you’re delving into enthusiast level vaping with mechanical mods. If you’re using a regulated device then this may be of little use to you and we’ll get into that a little bit later. Nonetheless, Ohms Law allows you to see the relationship between power, voltage, current and resistance. This is based around the amp of the battery and this amp rating on your battery represents the current of the battery in question.

In other words, this shows you the ability the battery has to release the energy that is stored within. If you push a battery beyond is limit, the battery will start to heat up and vent, which leaks chemicals from within the battery and the battery then has a very high chance to explode.

So let’s cover some basic tips on how to stay safe when vaping:

Use the correct batteries for your device

This is a simple step for many, but a lot of new vapers are provided with a lot of choice out there, lets face it, there are loads of batteries to choose from! Before you put any old battery in your device that fits, do some research into which batteries are recommended for your mod of choice. There are many types of battery including Lithium Polymer, IMR and ICR.

Also, don’t combine batteries – always use the same batteries in your device if it requires more than one battery.

Don’t let your batteries touch each other or other metallic items

If you have to carry batteries around with you, don’t put them in your pocket with loose change, or with each other. Having your batteries touch each other or other metallic items such as keys or coins, they can fail. Worse than failing, this can cause batteries to leak or in an even worse case scenario, explode.

Stay safe and if you need to carry batteries around with you, use a battery holder or a battery cover.

Overcharging and over discharging

Overcharging batteries is easily done, leaving them in the charger overnight for the next day is something that is commonly done, after all batteries are set and forget, right? Well, actually this could cause some issues. Overcharging batteries can result in battery failure. If you’re charging your battery over 4.5v, then you can actually shorten the batteries lifespan – moreover if you’re charging over 4.5v then you can actually cause your battery to burst.

Ensure that you’re not overcharging your battery by firstly, getting a decent charger such as theNitecore I2 or the Nitecore D4. Secondly, routinely check your batteries whilst they are charging. If they are indicating a full charge, then remove them from the charger.

Avoid short circuiting your batteries

Short circuiting your batteries sends a huge surge in current that can potential burn out your battery. It can also have other consequences such as destroying your mod, or worse, damaging your hand and / or face.

It is important to understand that short circuiting happens when the voltage from the battery is discharged through a low resistance wire and is discharged at a rate that exceeds the battery’s upper amp limit.

You are essentially doing this when you sub ohm vape or use a mechanical mod, however you’re trying to keep resistance under the upper amp limit. Sub ohm vaping walks a fine line and you must be careful and fully understand what you’re doing if you pursue this style of vaping.

Don’t burn your batteries

This should be common sense, unfortunately it isn’t it a few cases. Batteries contain dangerous chemicals, couple this with fire and you have batteries that are giving off toxic fumes and have the potential to explode. If you want to get rid of batteries, recycle them – it is the best way to dispose of old or unwanted batteries.

Just buy quality products

It’s easy to scrimp on batteries. Heck, you can find some super cheap ones on eBay. What you may not realize though is that these batteries are cheap for a reason. Many of these batteries are cheap, fake Chinese imports and of course, with fake and cheap imitations comes trouble.

If you take your safety seriously, and let’s face it – you should, then only purchase batteries from trusted providers. Look for trusted brand names and authorized dealers to be on the safe side.

Why Batteries Explode

There are many reasons why batteries explode. If you’ve been reading the rest of this post thus far (thanks for sticking with us!), you’ll already have a pretty good idea on why batteries explode and one of the main reasons is misuse.

You’ve all probably heard sensationalist headlines stating that e-cigarettes are dangerous because they explode and that, to a degree is true. What these news articles fail to mention, however is why this happens.

Why Batteries Explode

If you’re using a normal electronic cigarette, you’re probably safe. Sure there are anomalies, as with everything in life, but if you’re delving in to enthusiast levels of vaping and looking into mechanical mods or sub ohm vaping, this is where you need to do your research and learn some basic physics in order to stay safe. If you don’t, you run a real risk of having batteries explode and causing real damage to not only yourself, but potentially others around you.

We may reiterate some points from earlier with in this post, but that is because they are important to understand. We want to ensure that everyone out there is safe and has the correct information.

We’ll start with some basics.

Battery Wrapping

Batteries can become damaged over time and one of the tell-tale signs is a damaged wrapping on your battery. This can make your battery unsafe to use as it can cause short circuits or constant firing in some devices.

Wrapping Batteries

You might be tempted to rewrap batteries yourself, and that is fine as long as you are experienced with batteries, understand the risks involved and have the materials to do so. If you aren’t experienced with batteries, it’s probably going to be a good idea to just replace the unit. Batteries are cheap and it isn’t worth hurting yourself over.

The Battery Has Visible Damage

If your battery has visible damage, such as dents, then just replace the unit. Again, it isn’t worth hurting yourself over and is going to be a lot cheaper and safer in the long run.

You Are Sub Ohm Vaping without Checking Coil Resistance

Having an understanding of ohms law is incredibly important. Having a multimeter and checked the resistance of your coils means you are not guessing the resistance of your coils and are not setting yourself up for a bad time.

Multimeters are inexpensive and if you insist on building your own coils, is a necessity to stay safe. If you’re inexperienced with coil building or ohms law in general, then you can always purchase pre built coils that you know have the correct resistance and will keep you safe. You’ll have a much more enjoyable vaping experience and receive better performance from your device if you use the right resistance coils.

The reason why batteries explode due to this is quite simple.

If the resistance of the coil is too low, but the voltage is high then you risk not only burning out your atomizer, but your battery as well. To effectively work out and determine how many amps your battery will draw when sub ohm vaping, you need to divide the battery’s voltage by the coil resistance.

Learn the max discharge rate of your battery and you’ll be safe.

Your Mechanical Mod is Dirty

It’s good practice to vape through a clean device. It’s even more important than just basic hygiene.

Having a clean mod means that the conductivity stays stable. Having a dirty mod could cause unstable voltages, which is never good for your battery’s overall health.

Ways to Extend Battery Life

If you’re finding that batteries are lasting less than a year, then something is probably wrong. Batteries on average should last you a decent amount of time and with these simple and actionable tips, you can extend the lifespan of your batteries and save yourself some money along the way.

Use Batteries Regularly

Whilst this may seem counterproductive, battery’s benefit from regular use. These barratries are designed for regular use, so ensure they’re used regularly to help maximise their lifespan. The reason for this is that regular use allows for an easier flow of power through the cells of the battery.

Do Not Fully Drain Your Battery

A fundamental way to ensure a long battery life is knowing when to charge it. When a battery has been completely drained of all power, it takes twice as much power and time to fully charge back up again.

Battery Drain

This takes a toll on the battery itself, shortening its overall life. When you start to notice that the battery isn’t working as hard as it was when it was fully charged is the time that you need to put that battery on charge. Just don’t let it drain completely!

Don’t Overcharge Your Battery

This was mentioned earlier in this post, but is worth mentioning again. When you charge a rechargeable battery, you’ll usually have a green LED display to show you that the battery has been fully charged. When this green LED displays, it is time to remove your battery from the charger.

You can buy chargers with over-charge protection if you cannot remove your batteries from their charger, but generally speaking leaving batteries in a charger when fully charged will only damage your batteries over time.

Clean Your Battery

After prolonged use, batteries can become dirty. Whether it is general dust and grime, or eliquid that has made its way to your battery, this build up can limit the efficiency of your battery and the unit itself.

It is a good idea to keep your battery clean and the unit clean as well. Using toothpicks, cotton buds and alcohol pads will do a good job at removing any grime build up inside the unit and on the battery itself.

18650 Batteries

Battery life for every individual is different because there are a lot of variables involved, however following some of these tips will help you to save your batteries from the recycling centre for a few extra months.

Best 18650 Vape Batteries

As batteries are a huge part of vaping, one of the questions that gets asked the most around the web is simply: “Which 18650 battery is the best for vaping?”

Quite simply, the answer to this question isn’t as straight forward as you’d like it to be. There are a lot of variables involved. Some batteries last a lot longer before needing to be placed on charge again, but cannot handle being discharged at a high rate. Some batteries don’t get very hot at high amperage levels, but need to be recharged very often.

So what are the qualities and variables that make for a great battery?

  • High Capacity – determines how long you can vape before you need to recharge
  • High current ranting – determines whether or not the battery can deliver the current required safely, without overheating.
  • High voltage when vaping – this makes for a hard hitting draw
  • Low temperature when operating your device – if your battery becomes too hot whilst operating, it could cause the battery to vent and explode.
  • Price – this isn’t as important as the other factors as a few pennies more for a battery will provide you with a much safer experience. Your battery should last you around a year, so a few pounds or dollars more shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

The bottom line is that different batteries will suit different vaping styles. There isn’t a one size fits all battery – although that would make life easier for many! The most important factor when buying a battery, however is to buy new and buy from a trusted vendor and brand. Cheap and often imitation batteries often cause more problems than they are worth, so it is important to know that you’re buying a safe product.

All we can do is suggest the best batteries for varying vaping styles to help you pick one that suits you and the way you prefer to vape.

Samsung 25R 2500mAh

Samsung 25R

The Samsung 25R is a battery with an output of 20A. Its capacity is rated at 2500mAh and has a voltage of 4.2v when fully charged and you will generally see 250 charges before the capacity is at 60%. Samsung is renowned worldwide for their expertise in electronics, and it certainly shows with this battery. The 25R runs several degrees cooler than other batteries in its amperage bracket and delivers a decent capacity.

LG HG2 3000mAh


The LG HG2 is a battery with an output of 20A. It has a capacity rating of 3000mAh and has a voltage of 4.2v when fully charged. This battery is suitable for those that want a high-drain and high-capacity battery and this battery has been widely considered to be the Holy Grail in terms of battery stats. This battery can run slightly hotter than the Samsung 25R.

The LG HG2, as well as the Samsung 25R are great batteries that offer a good current rating, good capacity and decent operating temperature. Both have an amperage of 20A but the HG2 delivers a higher capacity than the 25R when running at an amperage of 20A.

Sony VTC4 2100mAh

Sony TVC4

The Sony VTC4 is a flat top battery that has an amperage of 30A. This is often advertised as a battery for Mechanical or Temperature Control devices. The TVC4 has a capacity rating of 2100mAh and has a voltage with a discharge cut off of 2.5V, but regularly manages to reach 4.2V. This battery is made by Sony, who have built up a great reputation over their long years in business.

LG HD2 2000mAh


The LG HD2 is another 30A Battery with a capacity rating of 2000mAh and has a voltage of 4.2v. This battery cell has good performance and being from LG, you know that the battery quality is going to be top notch. The running temperature is moderate and it doesn’t get too hot whilst operating.

Both the Sony VTC4 and the LG HD2 offer a high current with a decent battery capacity. They also offer good voltages and okay temperatures whilst operating and are both very similar in performance. You cannot go wrong with either battery from this 30A battery category.

For batteries that operate at 30A and above, we suggest the following:

LG HB6 18650 1500mAh


The LG HB6 has a lower capacity than all batteries listed so far, coming in at 1500mAh. The amperage is 30A, whilst the voltage is 4.2v when fully charged. This is a super high drain battery that can stay cool whilst pulling a lot of power.

The batteries listed are some of the best out there at the moment. This isn't a definitive list and we’re sure that there are some others out there that people prefer, if that is the case, let us know in the comments!


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