NS20 Pods by Element E-Liquid

Element has released its newest addition to their award-winning vape liquid collection, known as Ns20.

A revolutionary new salt-based nicotine, Ns20 boasts a 20 mg nicotine content, making it the highest allowable in the EU. TPD compliant and available in 10 ml across the company’s top-selling Premium Dripper, FAR, Emulsions and Tobacconist lines, Ns20 is primed to become Element’s best e-liquid release to date.

Entirely versatile, Ns20 can be used with any vaping device, from the traditional “mouth to lung” to a sub-ohm tank set-up, making it a highly sought after addition to capitalize on demand and reach within existing as well as emerging markets across the EU.

With a dominant VG to PG ratio, this innovative vape juice rivals nicotine levels found in traditional tobacco cigarettes while maintaining an incredibly smooth draw. No longer will vapers have to endure less than desirable nicotine effectiveness, thus, a less than satisfiable nicotine experience.

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