E-Cigarette Tanks & Clearomizers

Clearomizers have a clear plastic or glass body that allows the user to monitor how much liquid is in the device. Clearomizers rely on a wicking system that soaks up the juice within the tank. This wick then feeds the right amount of eLiquid to the atomizer.

Clearomizers are becoming increasingly popular with vapers because they offer a cleaner vaping experience. Clearomizers feature a metal tube that extends through the middle of the see through tank. It extends from the atomizer to the drip tip.

Rebuildable clearomizers are also becoming increasingly popular. These devices enable you to take apart the clearomizer and replace specific parts. Rebuildables tend to be more expansive than disposable clearomizers, but the quality tends to be a lot higher with rebuildable clearomizers. Whilst these are expensive in the short term, they can save you a lot of money in the long run.

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