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Vape Batteries, Chargers, Coil Builders & Cotton

Here you’ll find our range of vaping accessories. From 18650 batteries to wicking cotton, battery chargers and coil builders, everything extra you need to enhance your vaping experience you’ll find here.

For safety, we have battery cases, so you can avoid issues when carrying batteries around with you – you want to avoid carrying them around with you unprotected. Having spare batteries with you is always a good idea anyway as you don’t want to be caught without any charge!

We’re constantly adding new things to this section, so you’ll soon be able to find spare drip tips, spare glass tubes for tanks, unicorn bottles and much more.

We also stock 18650 & 26650 batteries and recharging devices so you’re never left without your vape charged. Many of the devices we sell do not come with batteries, so please make sure that you have the correct battery for your device before making a purchase!