COVID-19 Policy

As the situation with COVID-19 is changing on a day-to-day basis, our top priority during these times is to ensure the safety of our staff, customers and suppliers.

At Gourmet E-Liquid, ensuring the health of our staff is a top priority. We have undergone a rapid change in the way that we're fulfilling orders and staff have been trained to ensure the upmost safety and care has been undertaken when handling products.

To give you an insight into what we're doing:

  1. Our physical store has now closed.
  2. All non-essential travel out of the company during company hours has ceased.
  3. Staff must wash their hands thoroughly upon entering and leaving our facilities.
  4. The number of staff in the warehouse at a time has been reduced per shift to carry out Social Distancing measures.
  5. Warehouse staff must wear face masks and gloves, with gloves being changed regularly. We’re also encouraging ALL staff to sanitise their hands as often as possible to ensure high hygiene standards.
  6. Contact with delivery drivers and couriers have been reduced, to ensure everyone’s safety.
  7. Surfaces in both the warehouse and office spaces to be regularly cleaned and disinfected to ensure high levels of hygiene.
  8. Staff that can work from home have been asked to do so.


In the result of any of our staff exhibiting flu-like symptoms they have been briefed on the process that they must follow. This process is inline with Public Health England’s & the Governments advice.

We are currently monitoring the situation and taking action as quickly as we can.

Order Fulfilment

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented order load. We are running on a skeleton crew of staff to ensure the safety of not only the staff themselves, but you, the customer.

As our staff are stretched to meet demand, this does mean that some orders may take slightly longer to reach you than normal.

As of 25/01/2021 orders are being dispatched as normal. As lockdown measures have been introduced to the UK, we expect some deliveries will be delayed, especially in areas that are seeing Royal Mail staff being affected by illness.

If you are in one of these effected areas, we ask you to please be patient. If your order has been dispatched, it will be delivered, however this delivery will be delayed.

My Delivery Isn't Here Yet, What Do I Do?

If you have ordered with us and your order has been dispatched, please be patient. Royal Mail are currently experiencing a higher volume of deliveries than normal.

Some areas are being affected by COVID-19 related absences, which means that delivery in these areas may be delayed. You can read service updates from the Royal Mail at the following links. These are the best places to stay up-to-date with the day-to-day delivery service:


If you haven't received an email that states your order has been dispatched, it could be that:

  • We're awaiting stock from our suppliers in order to dispatch your order
  • You have ordered past the 4pm cut off time, in which case you order will be dispatched the next working day (Mon - Fri)
  • The dispatch email has entered the spam folder in your email


We are working as hard as possible to dispatch orders on time and currently, 99% of orders are being dispatched on time and are being delivered within the normal time frames.