Affiliate Program

We at Gourmet eLiquid are pleased to be accepting new affiliates to our affiliate program.

If you’re new to the world of affiliate marketing and need a brief overview of what this program can do for you, then please read below.

By simply linking directly to our website and promoting Gourmet eLiquid, you can earn a commission when visitors you have referred to our store make a purchase. The process is simple, you sign up, get approved and are provided with your affiliate ID.

Linking to us can be done in various ways, through text links, banners, social media etc. You will be provided with marketing assets in various sizes and HTML text links to aide you in your promotion.

Affiliate Program Information:

Our affiliate program is free to join and only takes a few moments to register.

Gourmet eLiquid has grown very quickly in the short time that it has been active, offering some of the best products available at the best prices.

  • We have a high conversion rate average of 5.1%
  • High potential for repeat custom (20% - 40%)
  • Commission rates of 10% - Tiered commission options may be available in the future, so higher earners have opportunities to earn more
  • Cookie tracking for 31 days
  • Dedicated support
  • Live data & reporting dashboard
  • Pictures, Banners & Links to help you with your marketing efforts
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