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Summer flavours: best e-liquids for summer 2024

Summer flavours: best e-liquids for summer 2024

John Boughey |

Ever wonder which e-liquids are best for summer? Lots of vape juice brands enjoy a seasonal spike in sales when the sun comes out … and the flavour combos that people actually flock to are surprising.

In this article, we’ll reveal the UK’s top 10 go-to summer flavours. Every e-juice on this list enjoyed seasonal sales growth of 100% or more last summer (units sold in July 2023 v January 2023). There’s a real mix here: some e-liquids are fruity, some are icy, but there’s a lot from the dessert aisle, too.

If you’re looking to shake things up a little this summer, give these flavours a try. These are the tried-and-true nationwide summer favourites, so whatever you choose you won’t be disappointed! 

Cran-Apple Juice by Loaded E-Liquid

Cran-Apple Juice is a well-balanced and tasty apple/cranberry blend that you can enjoy on even the hottest summer days. We don’t know how the people at Ruthless Vapor have managed it, but customers have told us that they get fewer burnt coils with Cran-Apple, in spite of it being a 70VG blended shortfill. Cran-Apple’s popularity soared by a whopping 400% last summer, and its average rating from our customer reviews is a full five stars. 

Buy Cran-Apple Juice by Loaded E-Liquid

EZ Duz It on Ice by Ruthless Vapor

EZ Duz It on Ice is another summer favourite. It takes an already-delicious strawberry and watermelon blend, then adds a touch of menthol that is refreshing, but not overpowering. Vapers bought five times as many bottles of EZ Duz it on Ice in summer 2023 as they had in winter. We’re not surprised this is such a popular summer flavour. It’s a true all-day vape: well-balanced and interesting for hours on end. 

Buy EZ Duz it on Ice by Ruthless Vapor

Granny’s Pie (Peach Cobbler) by Vape Breakfast Classics

The Granny’s Pie series from Breakfast Classics is popular year-round … but when the sun comes out, Peach Cobbler takes flight! Delicious caramelised peach, rounded out with creamy vanilla and buttery pastry flavours, combine to create an exceptional taste on the inhale. The vapour cloud takes on more of a toffee flavour on the exhale. Interest in Granny’s Pie Peach Cobbler tripled last summer, and then took off again in autumn. If pastry flavours are your thing, this one is definitely worth a try.  

Buy Granny’s Pie (Peach Cobbler) by Vape Breakfast Classics

Coffee Milk by KILO E-Liquid

If you love coffee but can’t bear to drink a full cup of hot steaming liquid on a warm summer’s day, then Coffee Milk could be just what you’re looking for! This nuanced and delicious e-juice offers up the familiar flavours of a creamy white coffee, sweetened ever-so-slightly with a touch of vanilla. It’s a great all-day vape for those blistering hot days. 

Buy Coffee Milk by KILO E-Liquid

Crema by Element E-Liquid Dripper Series

Rich and moreish, Crema delivers a delicious blend of heavy cream and sweet whipped cream flavours. All these creamy undertones, creamy overtones, creamy top notes and creamy base notes might sound one-dimensional, but it’s a deceptively complex e-liquid. Like all Element E-Liquids, it’s a superb all-day dripping vape.

Buy Crema by Element E-Liquid Dripper Series

Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady Desserts

Lemon Tart has been a customer favourite for years. It’s an all day vape that remains popular year-round, but its popularity spike over the summer months. If you’ve never tried Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady Desserts, think lemon meringue pie: it’s tart lemon curd on a pastry base, topped with a light, sweet meringue flavour. It walks the tightrope between citrus and creamy flavours beautifully.

Buy Lemon Tart by Dinner Lady Desserts

Bam Bam's Captain Cannoli

This premium US import is an elevated cream-cereal blend like no other. Imagine a cannoli made of a certain classic American cereal. Now imagine that cannoli is full of rich vanilla-scented whipped cream. That’s the flavour you’ll be hit with when you fire up Bam Bam’s Captain Cannoli. This e-juice saw a sales spike last summer, earning it a place on our 2024 summer vapes list, but it’s a deliciously sweet vape that works in all seasons. 

Buy Bam Bam’s Captain Cannoli

Blue by Anarchist E-Liquid

If you love a refreshing blue slushie but don’t want a gutful of icy water, Blue by Anarchist E-Liquid will scratch the itch. Built on breezy menthol foundations, this blue raspberry flavoured e-liquid delivers that summer-slushie feel the moment you inhale. It’s a 75 VG blend, ideal for sub-ohm vaping. 

Buy Blue by Anarchist E-Liquid

Churrios by The Milkman

The talented mixologists of The Milkman have managed to capture something special with Churrios. Cinnamon-sweet churro pastry flavours dominate the inhale, and the whole experience is rounded out by those smooth milky base notes that The Milkman have become famous for. This shortfill e-liquid doubled in popularity over the summer. Give it a try and you’ll understand why.

Buy Churrios by The Milkman

I Love Popcorn by Mad Hatter Juice

This popcorn-base e-liquid seems to explode in popularity every summer! Mad Hatter captures the sweet, salty and buttery flavours of popcorn, but it blends them together into one delicious complex  taste that our customers just can’t get enough of. Relive your memories of summer blockbusters at the cinema with this ground-breaking flavour. 

Buy I Love Popcorn by Mad Hatter Juice 

We were surprised to see so many creamy, pastry-based flavours on this list. We assumed that the more traditionally refreshing flavours — fruits and menthols — would dominate in the summer months. There’s no arguing with the data, though: this top 10 list really is what our customers buy more of in the summer months. Every e-liquid on this list has earned its place, fair and square. And when we really think about each individual flavour, we can see why. 

Whatever flavours you choose this summer, just bear in mind that — if you’re travelling overseas — you’ll need to check the vaping rules before you set out. You can read our handy guide on travelling with vape kit or take a look at the latest travel guidance on

Stay safe and happy vaping!

John Boughey

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