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Vape Batteries

Vape batteries are one of the most important parts of your e-cig. If you’re using a more advanced setup which requires external batteries, we have a wide range of 18650 batteries, which are most common. Some devices do require other battery types, so check what batteries your device is compatible with.

Vape batteries power your device, allowing the coil to heat up and then vaporise the e-liquid saturated in the cotton within. Choosing the right battery will determine how much power you provide you device and how long the battery life lasts. You’ll find batteries from leading brands such as EFest, Golisi, AWT and more. Spend over £20 and you automatically qualify for free UK tracked delivery.

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    What vape batteries should I use in my mod?

    Choosing the right battery for your mod is an essential. Its an important part of your vaping setup and ultimately determines the lifespan of your day-to-day vaping time.

    Most box mods will be compatible with 18650 batteries, however there are some occurrences where mods are also compatible with larger cells, such as 21700, 20700 and 26650. It is important to check what batteries your device is compatible with, so you don’t make the wrong purchasing decision.

    You also need to consider how much power you require for your setup. If you’re using a low resistance coil at a high wattage, then you’ll need a battery that has a higher capacity in order to meet the demands of your vape kit.

    What types of vape batteries are available?

    Not all batteries are created equal – they come in many different sizes, capacities, and types. Choosing the right one for your kit is important and most devices will tell you what batteries are compatible. It is also worth noting that devices that are compatible with larger cells such as 21700 batteries also come with adapters to make them compatible with smaller cells such as 18650 batteries.

    The main types of batteries that you’ll come across are:

    18650 Batteries

    18650 batteries are the most common type of external vape battery. Offering an excellent balance of power and output, we have a wide range available. The vast majority of vape mods are powered or are compatible with these types of batteries. 

    Suitable for all types of vaping, from mouth to lung to sub-ohm vaping, these cells are popular because they deliver long battery life and good levels of power output.

    20700 Batteries

    20700 Batteries are larger than 18650 batteries and have become popular due to their larger size, capacity, and support for a larger power output. These additional benefits mean they have become particularly popular with sub-ohm vapers, who are looking for a long-lasting battery that can meet their power-hungry devices demands. 

    Whilst devices that use these batteries are uncommon, they do exist and are generally more advanced devices. 

    21700 Batteries

    21700 Batteries are larger cells than 20700 batteries and offer a boost in both power and capacity. Often used in top-end kits that are looking to offer users the highest power outputs. Vape kits that use these batteries are uncommon, but devices that are compatible with this cell type offer sub-ohm vaping and higher wattage vaping capabilities. 

    26650 Batteries

    Only used in niche devices, 26650 batteries are not a common battery type when used in a vaping setup. Select models of popular brands such as iJoy and Aspire are compatible with them, offering excellent power delivery and large capacities.

    How long do batteries last between charges?

    How long a battery lasts between charges depends on how the cell is used. Power and capacity also play a part in determining how long a battery will last before it requires charging again. 

    There is no set time that a battery should last for, this is ultimately determined by its usage. 

    Capacity, which is measured in mAh (milliamps x hours) determines the battery life, whilst the current of the cell is determined in amps. Batteries with a higher capacity, will have a lower amp rating and vice versa. This means that higher capacity batteries will ultimately drain faster and will not last as long as lower capacity cells. 

    The average 18650 battery will feature a total lifespan of around 200 – 500 charge cycles. This means that the battery is depleted and fully recharged. Depending on how heavily batteries are used, this means that they could last up to 24 months before a replacement is needed due to poor cell performance.

    Once you start noticing that the cells are not lasting as long or are recharging at a faster rate, then it may be the perfect time to start looking at replacing the old cells with new ones.

    Are vape batteries safe to use?

    Vape batteries are as safe as any other battery on the market today. To ensure that you’re completely safe, you need to ensure that you store, use and charge batteries correctly.

    One of the biggest mistakes people can make is not understanding the proper care needed to ensure that batteries are stored correctly. This not only protects you, but it can extend the overall life of the cell itself.

    Using a dedicated battery charger that is designed for the cells you’re wanting to charge is important as it properly charges the cell without any fluctuations in power or causing issues with overheating. We stock a wide range of battery chargers that are compatible with various cell types.

    Proper storage is also key, if you’re carrying batteries around with you, we always recommend carrying them around in a battery case, this stops the cells from contacting each other, which could potentially be a hazard.

    Always visually inspect batteries to ensure that wraps and the battery itself is not damaged. If the cell or wrap is damaged, do not use it and replace the battery instead.

    How do I properly dispose of a vape battery?

    Batteries should always be disposed of in a safe and responsible manner. Batteries should never be disposed of in household waste. You can find many battery collection deposit boxes in retail stores across the country. These aim to recycle the cells in a safe manner.

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