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Best of the Beverage Flavours: Find Your Perfect Drinks-Based E-Liquid

Best of the Beverage Flavours: Find Your Perfect Drinks-Based E-Liquid

John Boughey |

Last fact-checked 29 January 2021 | Report a factual error on this article

Nothing beats a refreshing beverage-flavour vape juice! 

Whether you’re chasing a reminder of summer days in pub gardens, or want to enjoy the familiar sweetness of your favourite energy drink without the calories, there’s a perfect drink-flavoured e-liquid out there waiting for you. 

This week, we’re bringing you the best beverage flavours of 2020

Using our own real-world sales data (1 Jan - 31 Dec 2020), we’ve created top-ten bestseller lists for the four main beverage categories (tea & coffee, soft drinks, ciders and cocktails). We’ll also give you a few tips on the brands to watch in 2021. Enjoy!

The Best Tea & Coffee Flavoured E-Liquids

The tea and coffee flavour categories go way beyond ‘espresso or earl grey’. You’ll find lots of ice teas, fruit, bubble and matcha flavours in the tea category, while in the coffee category, milkshakes, macchiatos and chocolate blends complement the sharper espresso-based flavour choices. 

Tea & Coffee Bestsellers:

    1. The Creator of Flavor Donut Cappuccino by Charlie's Chalk Dust (70VG)
    2. Coffee Milk by KILO (70VG)
    3. Vanilla Latte by Frappe E-Liquid (70VG)
    4. Salted Caramel Macchiato by Barista Brew Co (70VG)
    5. Peach Ice Tea by Zap! Nic Salts (50VG)
    6. Ultra Peach Tea by Riot Squad Black Edition (70VG)
    7. Mocha by Frappe E-Liquid (70VG)
    8. White Chocolate Mocha by Barista Brew Co (70VG)
    9. Banoffee by Frappe E-Liquid (70VG)
    10. Double Espresso by Frappe E-Liquid (70VG)

The Best Soft Drink Flavoured E-Liquids

Soft Drinks is the broadest, and by far the most popular, beverage flavour category. Covering everything from corner shop cola to homemade lemonade and energy drink flavours, the soft drink brands are great if you’re looking for a sweet, refreshing all-day vape. 

Soft Drink Bestsellers:

    1. Slow Blow by Nasty Juice (70VG)
    2. Berry Lemonade by Tasty Fruity (70VG)
    3. Wicked Haze by Nasty Juice (70VG)
    4. Summer Blaze by I VG Classics (70VG)
    5. Energy Series Blackcurrant by The Fog Clown (70VG)
    6. Fizzy Bull (Fizzy Juice Series) by Mohawk & Co. (70VG)
    7. Fog Addicts Multi Pack (70VG) - our very own range!
    8. Ice Lemonade by Empire Brew (70VG)
    9. Fizzy Kola (Fizzy Juice Series) by Mohawk & Co. (70VG)
    10. Blackcurrant Lemonade by Lemonade Nation (70VG)

The Best Cider Flavoured E-Liquids

We love the tanginess of a good cider vape! Cider flavours are relatively new, and the choices in this category get broader every year. In 2020 at least, Frukt Cyder’s delicious range dominated our top ten list.

Cider Bestsellers:

    1. Mixed Berries by Frukt Cyder (70VG)
    2. Strawberry Lime by Frukt Cyder (70VG)
    3. Mango Raspberry by Frukt Cyder Nic Salts (50VG)
    4. Mango Raspberry by Frukt Cyder (70VG)
    5. Passionfruit by Frukt Cyder (70VG)
    6. Mixed Berries by Frukt Cyder Nic Salts (50VG)
    7. Plum Red Apple by Frukt Cyder (70VG)
    8. Strawberry Lime by Frukt Cyder Nic Salts (50VG)
    9. Apple Cider Donut by Keep It 100 Salts (50VG)
    10. Apple Cider Donut by Keep It 100 (70VG)

One option which doesn’t really belong in the ‘cider’ category but is well worth discovering is Apple & Pear on Ice by Just Juice. This refreshing 70VG shortfill combines the sweet and tart flavours of apples and pears with a refreshing mint base.

The Best Cocktail Flavoured E-Liquids

Cocktails in e-liquid form are usually much more interesting than the concoctions you might have been forced to drink on a night out! For sweet and fruity flavours, you should take a look at the full Fizzy Juice range from Mohawk & Co. These guys have been producing really interesting fruit-punch type flavour combinations for a long time now. 

Another brand to watch in the cocktail space is 7th Floor Cocktails. 7th Floor are riffing on just about every cocktail imaginable at the moment, and we’re loving their work. They didn’t make the bestseller list in 2020 but we reckon they have what it takes to make waves in 2021. Watch this space!

Cocktail & Punch Flavoured Bestsellers:

    1. Mojos by The Fog Clown (70VG)
    2. Pink Punch Lemonade by Lemon Twist (70VG)
    3. Fizzy Punch by Mohawk & Co. (70VG)
    4. Raspberry Screwball by Ice Cream Nation (70VG)
    5. Apple Cocktail (Fizzy Juice Series) by Mohawk & Co. (70VG)
    6. Tropicana Punch by Tasty Candy (70VG)
    7. Fizzy Cocktail by Mohawk & Co. (70VG)
    8. Pineapple Raspberry Sangria by Doozy Cocktails (70VG)
    9. Tropical Pear Martini by Doozy Cocktails (70VG)
    10. Mango Lime Bellini by Doozy Cocktails (70VG)

Tell us your favourite beverage flavour!

‘Best’ is such a subjective term. We know that the flavours we’ve listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. If you’ve discovered a flavour that you think is particularly good, please let us know and we’ll do our best to stock it.

Also, if you’re new to picking e-liquid flavours, just remember that very few brands will fall into a single ‘pure’ flavour category. Most e-liquid manufacturers are drawing inspiration from lots of different sources, so don’t be surprised if you come across some combinations that seem strange until you try them (a good starting point is Slow Blow by Nasty Juice: our number one best-selling drinks flavoured e-liquid is a refreshing blend of lemonade, tropical pineapple and cool mint).

Stay safe and happy vaping!

John Boughey

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