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What’s the best tank type? Best selling tanks of the past 12 months

What’s the best tank type? Best selling tanks of the past 12 months

John Boughey |

Shopping for your first proper atomiser tank? In this guide, we’ll give you the best selling tanks of the past 12 months. We’ll also explain away some of the confusing jargon that first-time tank buyers face.

By the end of this short article, you’ll know everything you need to pick the best tank type for you! 

Atomisers, clearomizers, RDAs … what’s the difference?

First off, let’s clear up some confusion about atomisers, clearomizers and RDAs. Some of these terms cause unnecessary confusion, and knowing what they mean won’t really help you pick a good tank. 

All vape tanks are atomisers, because they turn a liquid into a fine mist (they ‘atomise’ it). A clearomizer is a vape tank that you can see into (‘clear’ + ’atomizer’ = ‘clearomizer’). It really is that simple. 

Nowadays, every vape tank with a built-in reservoir is a clearomizer. It’s easy to monitor e-juice levels when there’s a glass window or a glass wall to look through, so clearomizer-style tanks have become the industry standard. 

If you see a vape tank without glass, it’s probably an RDA (rebuildable drip atomiser). There’s no need for glass in an RDA tank, because there’s no e-liquid reserve to keep track of. When you vape with an RDA tank, you just drip e-liquid directly onto your heating coil and fire it up. 

As you can see, the jargon that surrounds vape tanks isn’t always helpful. When you’re shopping for your first tank, the simplest thing to do is start with your preferred vaping technique, then pick a tank to match

Ask yourself…

*One thing to bear in mind: RDAs are rebuildable tanks. Rebuildables are fiddly if you’re not used to them. Our guide to RTAs, RDAs, RDTAs, & Sub Ohm Tanks will walk you through the pros and cons of rebuildable tanks in more detail. 

Safety in numbers: what is everyone else buying?

Over the past full 12 month period (May 2023 to April 2024), we’ve seen a good mix of sub-ohm, RDAs and mouth-to-lung tanks in the top 5. The tanks listed below are the most popular by sales volume. Each tank has its own unique features that make it a really good choice for one specific type of vaper.

Top 5 Best Selling Atomiser Tanks

1 - Uwell Valyrian 2 Sub Ohm Tank 

Convenient and flexible, it’s no wonder the Valyrian 2 is the most popular choice on our site. First off, the Valyrian 2 tank has a unique button-operated flip-top mechanism that allows you to quickly add e-liquid with no mess. It’s a leak-proof tank with self-cleaning technology built in, which makes a big difference when vaping on the go. The Valyrian 2 takes a wide range of different coils (you can opt for a single mesh coil or go all the way up to quad mesh, handling wattages of up to 120W). Buy a Uwell Valyrian 2 tank here

2 - Aspire Cleito Pro Tank 

The Aspire Cleito Pro is a great all-round sub ohm tank, laser-focused on delivering the best possible flavour for cloud chasers. The Aspire Cleito Pro has exceptional air flow, and the replacement coils all wick and evaporate plenty of e-liquid on firing. There is no gimmick or special feature to this tank: instead, every part of it has been engineered to perfection. If you want dense, tasty clouds of delicious vapour, this one is hard to beat. Buy an Aspire Cleito Pro tank here 

3 - Aspire Nautilus 2S Tank

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art mouth-to-lung tank, the Nautilus deserves your full attention. It has a simple but effective airflow collar, a screw-on outer shell to protect the glass 2ml reservoir and some of the best mouth-to-lung coil options on the market. Buy an Aspire Nautilus 2S tank here

4 - Aspire Tigon Tank

If you want a good crossover tank that lets you vape mouth-to-lung or direct lung, the Aspire Tigon tank is a really good choice. First off, the fill system on the Tigon is very simple - you just slide the top of the tank to one side, revealing a small port for filling the 2ml reservoir. When you need to replace the coil, Aspire’s innovative design seals the wicking holes to prevent leakage. And when you want to switch between mouth-to-lung and direct-lung modes, all you have to do is twist the airflow collar. Buy an Aspire Tigon tank here 

5 - Wotofo Recurve RDA

For RDA vapers, the Wotofo Recurve is by far the most popular choice. The design team at Wotofo tightened up the vaporisation chamber within this RDA head and paired it with an advanced honeycomb-style airflow. The result is an RDA head that can throw out tonnes of vapour and flavour without gobbling up too much battery. The Recurve RDA packet also includes coils and cotton, making it an ideal starting point for first-time rebuildable vapers. Buy a Wotofo Recurve RDA here

…so what’s the best tank type?

Hopefully, this article has shown you why there’s no such thing as the ‘best’ tank type. It really does depend on how you vape, and the only person who can decide which tank is right for you is you. If in doubt, start with that key ‘mouth-to-lung or sub-ohm’ question, then work your way outwards from there. 

Read our customer reviews, too. On Gourmet E-Liquid, we post genuine product reviews from real customers in the UK. Not every review is going to be focused on the features of the tank (some will just praise our outstanding customer service & super-fast delivery!), but it’s a great place to start.

Stay safe and happy vaping!

John Boughey

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