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Best of the Menthol Flavours: This Year’s Finest in the Icy & Minty Category!

Best of the Menthol Flavours: This Year’s Finest in the Icy & Minty Category!

John Boughey |

Last fact-checked 25 April 2024

We love vaping menthol flavours! Even the smallest hint of icy minty menthol in your e-liquid can elevate the vape, opening up the flavour profile and offering a richer, fresher sensation.

You don’t need to stick to spearmint and eucalyptus flavours. In the right hands, menthol pairs beautifully with fruit based vape juices, too.

In this article, we’ll reveal the best selling menthol-based e-liquids over a 3 year period (2018-2020). We’ll introduce you to the top 10 menthol brands in the UK, and give you a quick taste of what’s happening in the world of nic salts.

UPDATE: Best selling menthol flavours in 2024 so far

When updating this article in April 2024, we thought we'd check in on the best-selling menthol flavours and see what has changed over the past few years.

Back in 2021, all of our bestselling menthols were menthol blends. These days, more vapers are picking juices where the whole flavour profile (or most of it) is driven by menthol. Here are the top 5 menthol flavours, by sales quantity, in Jan-March 2024:

  1. Menthol by Furious Fish E-Liquid
  2. Ice Mint by Furious Fish E-Liquid
  3. Ice Menthol by IVG Salts
  4. Slow Blow by Nasty Juice
  5. Spearmint by Furious Fish E-Liquid


Top 3 Best-Selling Menthol Flavours

To pick our top three best selling menthol flavours, we analysed menthol e-liquid sales for three full calendar years (Jan 2018 - Dec 2020) on our own site, which has UK-wide coverage. 

ASAP GRAPE by Nasty Juice was the people’s favourite, closely followed by Slow Blow (another Nasty Juice flavour), with Horny Mango by Horny Flava taking third place. 

You won’t put a foot wrong with any of these e-liquids — they’re solid favourites adored by the majority of vapers in the UK — but they represent the very tip of a very minty iceberg. The menthol flavour category has dozens of new flavours coming online every month, and there’s some really interesting stuff happening in the nic salts market, too. 

To see what’s really popular right this second you can take a look at our Menthol E-Liquids Department, or you can explore some of the boutique e-liquid manufacturers and find a flavour that suits your unique tastes. 

Top Ten Menthol Brands in 2020:

Some of the world’s best e-liquid manufacturers started out as menthol-only brands. Menthol is one of the few categories where the brand of e-liquid makes a big difference. Every manufacturer has a ‘house style’ which they then riff off with new flavours and formats. 

The top 10 brands listed below all specialise in menthol e-liquids. They’re ranked in best selling order based on UK sales order volumes observed in 2020 — see what you think!

1: Nasty Juice

Nasty Juice is undoubtedly the biggest brand in the menthol e-liquid category. Established back in 2015, Nasty Juice goes from just gets bigger and better every year. 

Nasty’s spin-off brand, Nasty Salts, fell just outside of the top 10 best selling menthol brands in 2020 (it came 11th by sales volume), but looks set to claim a much higher position this year. Watch this space!

The Nasty Juice brand typically aims for a ‘hint of mint’ rather than making mint the dominant experience, and it makes a huge difference to the end result. With Nasty Juice, the menthol enriches an already delicious flavour profile of fruits like melon, mango and blackcurrant. Nasty Juice’s best selling flavours last year were ASAP Grape, Slow Blow and Trap Queen but they have so much to discover — every flavour is a hit. 

Visit our Nasty Juice Department >> 

2: Horny Flava

Based in Kuala Lumpur, the Horny Flava team have delivered some seriously naughty taste combinations over the years! Using only the finest food-grade ingredients to deliver intense fruit flavours, these guys don’t just do menthol e-liquid — they also have great non-mint blends like Banana Milkshake and Mango Lemonade.

Horny Flava’s best selling menthol flavours are Horny Mango, Horny Pomberry (a strawberry/pomegranate blend) and Horny Pinberry (pineapple/strawberry). 

Visit our Horny Flava Department >> 

3: Bad Drip Labs

Hailing from New York, USA, these talented mixologists come up with great juice names and their flavours never disappoint. Bad Drip has a lot of popular non-menthol options ( Ugly Butter and God Nectar, for instance), but their exceptional  ‘Iced Out’ variants secure them a place in this top 10 list. 

Their best selling menthol e-liquid is, without a doubt, Farley’s Gnarly Sauce Iced Out (a frosty take on their popular kiwi/strawberry/bubblegum blend), but Don’t Care Bear Iced Out is a peach/pear/melon/candy alternative that is becoming more popular. 

Visit our Bad Drip Labs Department >>

4: Mohawk

Mohawk’s Fizzy Juice range is a go-to for thousands of vapers all over the UK, and their menthol range is out of this world. 

The Malaysian mixologists at Mohawk aren’t afraid to take chances with new and interesting flavour combinations (Yam Cheese Milk for example). When it comes to the more mainstream flavour combinations, they knock it out of the park. 

Mohawk’s best selling menthol-infused flavours include Fizzy Bull, Fizzy Strawberry and Fizzy Wild Berries

Visit our Fizzy Juice by Mohawk Department >> 

5: Cool Shots

By far the biggest nic booster in the menthol category, Cool Shots make just one product: the 18mg strength Cool Shot Menthol Nicotine Booster … and it’s terrific.

Using a compound called koolada menthol, the Cool Shots team have found a way to trigger the same cold receptors in our mouths normally activated by traditional menthol, without leaving even the slightest taste of mint. If you’re addicted to nicotine and you fancy experimenting with your regular non-menthol shortfill e-liquid, a Cool Shot is well worth a try.

Buy Cool Shots >> 

6: Fog Addicts

Full disclosure: Fog Addicts is our very own e-liquid range. We don’t give Fog Addicts products a head start in the shop listings on our site (our juices have to succeed on their own merits), so we’re pretty proud to say that Fog Addicts was the #6 menthol-based brand by sales volume in 2020. 

Our goal, from the start, was for Fog Addicts to offer a limited range of flavours that lived up to the ‘all day vape’ promise that so many e-liquids make. We wanted to balance the sweetness of fruit flavours with sharp and tart tastes, all working off a low mint base. It took months of work in the lab, importing some of the finest ingredients from all over the world, but it was well worth the effort.

We’ve got just four flavours in the Fog Addicts range (you can get a very reasonably priced Fog Addicts multi pack here!), and they’re all slightly menthol. Our best selling flavours are Blue Raspberry (raspberry/mint) and Grape Lemonade (lemonade/grape/mint). 

Visit our Fog Addicts Department >> 

7: Fantasi

These guys didn't muck around! Fantasi kept it simple, high-quality and absolutely delicious. Formulated and manufactured in Malaysia, the Fantasi range attracted consistently high customer reviews. Working off a very light soda/menthol flavour base, Fantasi added the very best fruit flavourings for their moreish range of delightful crowd-pleasing e-liquids.


8: Furious Fish

If you’re still figuring out what flavours you do and don’t like, then you can’t go wrong with Furious Fish. This no-nonsense UK-based e-liquid brand focuses on simple, delicious flavours, sold in one bottle size (10ml), for a reasonable price. 

Furious Fish’s broad roster of flavours includes Blackcurrant, Virginia Tobacco and Peardrops, but their Menthol e-liquid is the runaway bestseller.

One of the few low-VG menthol options out there, at 50VG the Furious Fish range is perfect for low wattage vaping. Their Spearmint and Ice Mint variants are worth a look too.

Visit our Furious Fish Department >>

9: Milkshake Liquids

The Milkshake Liquids brand is unashamedly dedicated to one range of flavours: delicious American-style milkshakes! Milkshake e-liquids start with a creamy vanilla base, then open up to include everything from strawberry (Breezy Shake) to cookies & cream (Panda Shake).

Shammy Shake is the menthol flavour that pushed Milkshake Liquids into our top 10. Starting with a vanilla ice cream base, this juice swiftly opens up into a sweet minty sensation reminiscent of mint ice cream cones. 

One of the few ‘creamy’ menthol options out there, Shammy Shake is a perfectly balanced sweet mint flavour that’s well worth a try. You don't even have to wait for St Patrick’s Day!

Visit our Milkshake Liquids Department >> 

10: Tasty Fruity

With a name like ‘tasty fruity’ it’s no surprise that this is another Malaysian e-liquid brand. These shorfill manufacturers are experts at seamless fruit/menthol pairings, and just about every e-liquid they sell has the potential to become your next all-day vape.

The fruit blends offered by Tasty Fruity do exactly what they say on the tin (Strawberry Apple and Mango Blackcurrant, for example), but don’t mistake the simplicity of their e-liquid names for any compromise on flavour — the Tasty Fruity team are e-liquid artists

Their best selling menthol flavours in 2020 were Grape and Mango, but there’s so much to discover with this brand. They’ve branched out over the years with sister brands like Tasty Creamy and Tasty Candy.

Visit our Tasty Fruity Department >>

Menthol Nic Salts: One To Watch

The choice and range of menthol-based nic salt boosters grew exponentially in 2020, and it’s set to get even bigger in future. If you’re addicted to nicotine, you can now pair some of the most popular shortfills with a matching nic salt and get an even stronger menthol kick ... or you can go for something completely off the wall!

There are hundreds of undiscovered gems in the menthol nic salt category — here are some of our personal favourites, in no particular order:

  • Peach Ice Tea by Zap! Nic Salts: If ice tea’s your thing, you won’t want to miss this delightful booster from Zap! Nic Salt. Learn more >> 
  • Heisenberg by Vampire Vape Nic Salts: A salt nicotine version of Vampire Vape’s award-winning Heisenberg e-liquid, this is exceptionally smooth and tasty. Learn More >> 
  • Cucumber Nic Salts by Aisu: Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! This fresh, chilly palate cleanser is a delightful alternative to the traditionally sweet menthol nic salts out there. Learn More >>

You don’t have to like mint to enjoy a good menthol vape. Our experience with Fog Addicts taught me that even the slightest hint of menthol can lift a flavour to new heights. Menthol doesn’t pair well with everything, but in the right hands, we’ve learned there’s very little it can’t do. 

Get in touch if you’re having trouble finding a menthol flavour that works for you — we’ll be delighted to point you in the right direction!

Stay safe and happy vaping!

John Boughey

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