The TPD Is Almost Here. What Does It Mean for You?

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The TPD, or the Tobacco Products Directive is an EU-driven directive that will highly regulate the sale of vape products such as eliquids & tanks. Manufacturers now must ad heir to new rules and regulations when creating their products and vendors, like ourselves, must abide by these regulations set out by the EU.

These new rules are all about keeping the consumer safe, ensuring that products meet a certain standard to ensure quality control and safety control throughout products that are on offer – one of the key features is focused on child safety. As a consumer, you’ll also have more information available to you, so you can make informed decisions about the products you’re purchasing.

So, what are these new regulations being enforced on the industry?

  • Maximum eliquid bottle sizes cannot exceed 10ml.
  • Maximum nicotine strength cannot exceed 2%, or 20mg.
  • Tanks & cartridges cannot exceed 2ml
  • Eliquid bottles must have a leak proof mechanism and must have a child safety lock feature
  • Products must undergo testing to ensure they’re compliant with new regulations

These new regulations will affect the way you purchase products in the future and whilst these new rules were set out in May 2016, they are not truly enforced until 19th May 2017.

When the 20th May hits, all products that are not compliant will be removed from the store.

So, what are Gourmet eLiquid doing about this?

You may have already noticed that we are now listing products on the store that are compliant with these new rules and we are slowly phasing out liquids in higher volumes as our stock levels deplete. This will continue to happen until the TPD is fully enforced and we are forced to remove all our stock that isn’t compliant.

This means that we must remove all products that are higher in volume than 10ml and nicotine strengths that are higher than 20mg.

This ensures that all products that we sell are fully compliant with the law and new regulations. There may be a slight decline in our overall product pool, but as more vendors move over to TPD compliant products, our product pool will return to its normal levels.

We already have many of the big-name brands stocked and ready for sale.

As a consumer, you may be worried that these new rules will increase the price of liquids but we’re trying to ensure that the consumer can still purchase the same amount of liquid for a similar price.

We’ll be setting up multi-buy offers for customers on many of the juices, so you’ll still see the same quantities of liquids for around the same price. These will typically be in Single bottle, 2 x 10ml, 6 x 10ml & 10 x 10ml quantities.

We want to stay as consumer friendly as we always have, so our prices will always be as competitive as they possibly can be and we’ll always ensure that customers receive the high standard of service they always have done.

We are committing to you, the consumer, that you’ll receive the same great product that you always have, at a reasonable price with fast delivery and exceptional service.


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